Learning how to improve education workers’ conditions with OiRA



Carrying out risk assessments in the education sector is important for ensuring occupational safety and health (OSH) of workers. Early childhood education, primary and secondary education, as well as driving instructors face many OSH challenges in their daily work. These include psychosocial risks, such as stress and physical ones like slips, trips and falls, and prolonged standing and sitting.

OiRA national partners have developed 16 Online interactive Risk Assessment (OiRA) tools for the education sector. Additionally, the EU sectoral social dialogue committee has developed two tools at EU level, which serve as models for national partners to develop their tools. A tertiary education tool at EU level is under development and a Greek tool for early childhood education is also currently being developed.

These tools, available in a variety of languages, aim to support specifically smaller establishments to prevent OSH risks and to promote a safe and productive working environment.

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