EU and national stakeholders

EU and national stakeholders

EU or national Social Partners interested in becoming an OiRA partner, in providing support to EU-OSHA in promoting the OiRA tools or collaborating with existing OiRA partners

How does OiRA work?

OiRA is an online platform that consists of the OiRA tool generator (where developers create sectoral tools) and the OiRA sectoral tools, which are accessible through an interactive website.
The OiRA tool generator is provided free of charge to sectoral partners at EU, and to EU and national authorities. National sectoral partners are encouraged to collaborate with the respective national OiRA partner. 
Partners can use the OiRA tool generator to create risk assessment tools for different sectors in their national language, adapted to their national legislation. These tools are then made available for MSEs to use to carry out their risk assessments.

Who can become a partner?

Sectoral partners (employers’ and employees’ organisations) at EU level and national authorities (ministries, labour inspectorates, OSH institutes, etc.). National sectoral partners are encouraged to collaborate with the respective national OiRA partner.
Current national partners can be found here and EU partners can be found here.

Social partner involvement

In the case that a national public authority/national OSH institute takes the lead in the development of OiRA tool(s) they should involve social partners (and other partners) in the development and dissemination of the OiRA tool(s) according to the national practices in the respective Member State.

OiRA EU national stakeholders

Who can use the tools?

OiRA can be used by anyone wishing to assess health and safety-related risks that might exist in their workplace. However, OiRA is designed to be of most value to smaller businesses.
OiRA is designed specifically to support them in assessing the risks at work and helping them to produce a documented risk assessment including an action plan tailored to the business's requirements.

IRAT network

The IRAT network is made up of OSH institutions and ministries that have developed their own free interactive risk assessment tool (IRAT). Although their risk assessment tools may differ, all these institutions follow the same objective: helping MSEs in the process of assessing their risks; reaching out to the maximum number of MSEs and maintaining and updating their software in the long term.

OiRA statistics

Here you can find an overview of the OiRA statistics throughout the last years. This information includes number of tools developed, number of users, number of risk assessments carried out, as well as information on tools under development.

Open Source/sharing

The OiRA tools and all their content is freely accessible and can be used by other OiRA partners in the development of their tools. This refers only to the text in the tools. Photographs/pictures can have specific copyrights and each tool developer is responsible for assuring that they have the rights to use specific photos/pictures.
Sharing of OiRA content is done through Creative Commons licences. This form of licence offers users the chance to share and adapt work under a number of specified conditions, including that the work be non-commercial and correctly attributed. For more information, visit and

Tool developer’s information

This is the official OiRA Editor's Guide (Manual) intended for all OiRA partners and those developing tools in collaboration with the OiRA partners. It gives detailed instructions on how to use the content management system to create tools.