The OiRA/IRAT community is made up of the organisations and people developing online interactive risk assessment tools and providing them free of charge to the establishments and other interested entities. The community aims to facilitate the development of tools by stimulating the exchange of tools, knowledge and good practices, promoting collaborative work, reinforcing existing relationships within the community and creating new ones.

Who are the members of the OiRA community?

  • Sectoral partners at EU and national levels (employers’ and employees’ organisations);
  • EU and national authorities (ministries, labour inspectorates, occupational safety and health (OSH) institutes, etc.);

The community members stay in regular contact with EU-OSHA, meet once a year to share information and experiences, and work together by sharing the content of OiRA tools, promotional material and so on.

What is the commitment of the OiRA community?

All members commit themselves to:

  • developing OiRA tools or adapting existing OiRA tools to specific sectors and to national legislation;
  • involving end-users (employers and employees of micro and small enterprises (MSEs) or organisations) to ensure that OiRA tools meet end-users’ real needs (especially in the testing phase);
  • updating the content of OiRA tools on a regular basis;
  • disseminating OiRA tools and, as far as possible, giving assistance to end-users;
  • collaborating with EU-OSHA and giving feedback about the tools generator, the materials and the diffusion model;
  • participating in evaluations of the OiRA project (to be managed by EU-OSHA);
  • sharing the OiRA tools they develop, as well as the experience and knowledge acquired in the process, with other members of the OiRA community.

What is the added value of the OiRA community?

  • There is general agreement that cooperation at EU level on the development of risk assessment tools is needed, especially in a context of economic crisis and limited resources;
  • Pooling efforts and resources at EU level: OiRA community members build on what other members are doing or have developed already;
  • OiRA fosters cooperation among EU and national OiRA community members and researchers;
  • The project builds bridges, strengthens collaborations and sets up new ways of exchanging information.

Do you want to be involved in the OiRA community?

If you are a social partner or a national institute or authority and you want to be involved in OiRA, we invite you to first read the OiRA memorandum of understanding, which provides the basis for cooperation with EU-OSHA (and which all OiRA community members are required to sign). Then, if you’re interested, please contact your national focal point to let them know.

As far as the OiRA partnership policy is concerned, priority is given to EU organisations and EU Member States. For non-EU organisations and states, EU-OSHA offers a free download of the OiRA tools generator (a web application for developing risk assessment tools).

Please take into account that:

  • Using this software requires knowledge of Plone;
  • EU-OSHA is constantly updating the software;
  • The OiRA application’s source code is offered under the General Public License.